At NGM IT Services we offer a wide variety of services that would suit a variety of issues. Below is a list of services that are often requested and some that you may not think you need/think about (but I can guarantee you do!)

Consumer support

  • PC/Laptop servicing – If your PC is slowing down, making funny noises and causing you to pull your hair out then worry not as there are multiple solutions available less drastic then chucking the device in the bin and starting from scratch.
  • PC/Laptop hardware diagnostics/upgrades – Laptop not turning on? Is your PC beeping when switched on with no indication as to what is wrong? Let us know and we can give you a free no obligation quote to find out what is wrong with the machine and what can be done to help it.
  • iPhone repairs – don’t worry – we’ve all done it, whether it be on a night out or even right at home in the kitchen we’ve dropped our phones and damaged the screen of our iPhones. We offer repairs for Damaged iPhone screens and battery replacements for those dying to quickly. If we can’t help you, we’ll point you in the direction of someone who can!
  • Printers – is your printer spitting out multiple pages instead of the one you wanted? Has your printer gone offline and stubborn in deciding to stay that way? Let us know and see how we can help
  • Advice – There’s nothing wrong in asking for some advice when it comes to IT so why not ask someone who works with it day in and day out? If you’re unsure what’s the best deal or even what you need for a certain job (whether it’s a laptop to watch movies and play games or a simple laptop for children’s home work and school) then let us know and we can provide you impartial advice and help you get setup.
  • Web Design/Hosting – We also offer web design for anyone who wants to get a small site up and running for a variety of purposes, whether it be a blog, advertising a service or even just so you can have your own domain name. We take care of the procurement, running and maintenance of said site. Emails are included as default with all domain/web hosting package.

And much, much more. If you’re unsure that we can help then drop us a message via the contact form here. We aim to replay within 24 hours. What have you got to lose?